Kinds of Personal Stories


There are all kinds of stories in our lives that we can develop into multimedia pieces. Here are a few sets of example questions for some of these stories. Adapting any of the question sets by integrating the existing sets, or developing a separate set, is encouraged. The Story About Someone Important Character Stories How we love, are inspired by, want to recognize, and find meaning in our relationships are all aspects of our lives that are deeply important to us. Perhaps the majority of the stories created in our... Read The Rest →

Storytelling – Why Share Stories


Everyone has a story to tell, and it turns out that telling a story — sharing it with others — produces benefits in all sorts of ways. A study from the Harvard School of Public Health found social engagement, which is what storytelling is, could have as much effect on prolonging life as fitness activities. Benefits of Sharing Stories Informal (simply reminiscing) or formal (an interview) life review offers a number of benefits for both young and old: It creates a sense of continuity, linking the past with the present... Read The Rest →

Conversations with the Elders


“Our stories are how we let people know where we came from and who we are.” The Byron Healthy Ageing Project aims to increase the opportunities for older people to participate in our community by providing recreational activities which promote connection and social support. The digital life stories component of the project is based upon the premise that everybody has a story to tell and, it turns out that telling that story and sharing it with others, produces benefits in all sorts of ways. The process of creating and sharing... Read The Rest →

About the Byron Healthy Project


The Byron Community Centre have secured federal funding from the Department of Health and Aging to develop a community-based volunteer program over a period of three years. The community-based volunteer program objective is to use creative therapy and a person-centred approach to facilitate meaningful interactions between people from different generations and cultures to celebrate older people, their achievements and life-long contribution to our community through a series of group activities and on-going Social Groups. These Groups would serve as hubs for social networking, information sharing and referral. The Program will... Read The Rest →

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