Feather – Heart of the Nation

Local identity and long time Byron Healthy Ageing participant, Feather was recently featured by the Australian Newspaper regarding a photo portrait soon to be hung in the National Gallery. The photographer, Natalie Grono originally came across Feather via this website. MEET Feather. If you’ve ever been to Byron Bay you’ll have seen her dancing. She starts her mornings with a boogie on the beach, Julio Iglesias turned up loud on her MP3 player. Well, why not? “The young ones are on their surfboards, dancing on the water, and I dance... Read The Rest →

Social Inclusion Week 22-30 November 2014

Byron Bay is a welcoming community and is celebrating Social Inclusion Week with a Community Gratitude Tree and a week of community building. Social Inclusion Week is a national initiative focused on supporting, encouraging and embracing all people to feel valued and respected as vital members of our community and runs throughout the last week of November, from Saturday 22 November to Sunday 30 November. A fun and festive collection of activities is being coordinated for the second year running by the Byron Community Centre to highlight and celebrate this... Read The Rest →

Social Inclusion Week Concert

Coming to Byron Theatre on Saturday 29th of November at 5pm  You are invited to join us at the Byron Community Centre for the Social Inclusion Week 2014 Concert, which this year will host a sensational celebration of music across the generations. So come along and be a part of this once-a-year event. Entry to the concert is by donation with all the funds raised going to support the on-going operation of Liberation Larder, a volunteer organisation whom every week provide free meals of quality nutritious food to the most... Read The Rest →

Feather’s words of wisdom!


“Age is in the mind: if you don’t mind it don’t matter!” I never told anyone how good aging is: you should look forward to it each and every day.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is at the start not easy, but a challenge. What a treat to go to Seniors’ Drumming every week: it’s as easy as sitting on a chair making a noise in time to a pulse, and you can move your shoulders and feet at the same time and it’s good for your hands and fingers.  I... Read The Rest →

‘Life of Byron’ goes to Feros Village, Byron Bay


After the successful first workshop held at the Byron Community Centre the ‘Life of Byron’ project has now gone to Feros Village at Byron Bay to run a workshop there.  It’s great that Feros is supportive of the project and happy to donate their time and space. There are six participants in this workshop, four residents of Feros and two who live in the community, and six volunteers to support them through the story-telling process.  For this series of workshops I have chosen to be one of the volunteers. Today... Read The Rest →

Lights, camera, action!


The final part of the “Life of Byron’ workshops is the culmination of the story-telling sessions in the filming of each participant sharing a story from their life. The theatre was lit with stage lights and a gorgeous red story-tellers’ chair was placed on the stage for the participants to sit in.  Catherine, with the expert help from film-maker and volunteer on the project Pele, directed the participants one-by-one as they shared their life changing event. The participants and volunteers who interviewed them all experienced some ‘stage fright’ initially, but... Read The Rest →

Enriched by the sharing of amazing stories from unique lives


The main focus of the workshop today was for the participants to try out different topics, and to choose a theme for the stories they will share next week. Participants worked together with the volunteers in pairs and in groups with different topics to discuss.  Some of the questions used in discussions were: What do you want to be remembered for? Name a value you have tried to uphold all your life? Name a value you uphold today and are proud of. The discussions were rich and diverse with each... Read The Rest →

Some of the technical decisions of film-making


In preparation for the filming of our participant’s stories we met today with Catherine Marciniak from ABC Open to look at the space where the filming will be.  The participant’s will be filmed sharing their story in the theatre at the Byron Community Centre. Catherine is a film-maker with over thirty-five years of experience and it is a fabulous partnership to have ABC Open involved in this project.  The finished products will be enjoyed on this website and on the ABC Open website. Once Catherine lit the theatre with stage... Read The Rest →

The fun of get-to-know-you games!

I was right about the richness of the stories shared today at our second workshop!  What a privilege to witness some of the older residents in Byron talking about experiences they’ve had throughout their lives. In today’s workshop, exercises were conducted between the volunteers and the participants to facilitate the art of story telling.  As part of the technical crew I was in the wonderful position of recording these interviews and as a result got to ‘listen in’ on many of them. Participants began by engaging in some fun ‘get-to-know-you’... Read The Rest →

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