Enriched by the sharing of amazing stories from unique lives


The main focus of the workshop today was for the participants to try out different topics, and to choose a theme for the stories they will share next week.

Participants worked together with the volunteers in pairs and in groups with different topics to discuss.  Some of the questions used in discussions were:

  • What do you want to be remembered for?
  • Name a value you have tried to uphold all your life?
  • Name a value you uphold today and are proud of.

The discussions were rich and diverse with each participant sharing events, achievements and values that have been, and are now still, important to them.

Participants were also asked to bring in a piece of memorabilia – an object or photo – to use to talk about.  This was such an effective way of introducing a story and made the story so much more vibrant by seeing something visual that related directly to it.

After all of the wonderful stories shared today, the group discussed what they thought was the most important theme to emerge.  The theme agreed on was ‘A life changing event’.  It was difficult to choose just one theme, but this was the one that occurred often in the stories shared and was something that everyone could relate to.

Each participant was then asked to think about a story from their own life that represented a life changing event to share for the digital story next week.  They are all going to be amazing and unique!


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