‘Life of Byron’ goes to Feros Village, Byron Bay

After the successful first workshop held at the Byron Community Centre the ‘Life of Byron’ project has now gone to Feros Village at Byron Bay to run a workshop there.  It’s great that Feros is supportive of the project and happy to donate their time and space.

There are six participants in this workshop, four residents of Feros and two who live in the community, and six volunteers to support them through the story-telling process.  For this series of workshops I have chosen to be one of the volunteers.

Today was all about the induction of the volunteers to the workshop process and to developing interviewing skills to use in working with the participants over the next two workshops.  It was the first time we had all met each other and so we began with some ice-breakers and get-to-know-you games.  This was a lot of fun!  We shared unusual facts about ourselves with each other and started to get to know ourselves as a group – and what an interesting group of people we all are!

We then began working on the first skill of interviewing – the art of listening.  We were given an exercise to test how well we listened –or thought we did!  The group facilitator read out the story of Goldilocks and all we had to do was to answer ten questions from the story at the end.  Easy?  We thought it would be, but the majority of us got several answers wrong.  We discovered that most people assume information based on their own understanding or worldview, rather than actually listen to details in a story.  It was a good exercise and helped us all to focus more on how we listen to others.

With some new skills under our belts we are looking forward to putting them into practice with the participants in the project next week.


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