The fun of get-to-know-you games!

I was right about the richness of the stories shared today at our second workshop!  What a privilege to witness some of the older residents in Byron talking about experiences they’ve had throughout their lives.

In today’s workshop, exercises were conducted between the volunteers and the participants to facilitate the art of story telling.  As part of the technical crew I was in the wonderful position of recording these interviews and as a result got to ‘listen in’ on many of them.

Participants began by engaging in some fun ‘get-to-know-you’ games so that the group would get to know each other, feel comfortable with each other and begin to build rapport.

Following this the participants were asked to answer some questions that would allow them to begin sharing stories about themselves.  An example of the questions are: ‘What was one thing your mother was right about?’ and ‘What did you learn from your grandparents?’  The volunteers enjoyed listening to the answers as much as the participants enjoyed talking about family and childhood.

The questions got everyone thinking about their own lives, including the technical crew, and I went home thinking about some of the lessons of wisdom learnt and shared.


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